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Other musings

Other musings

Some time ago, I started writing a few pieces about my mother’s adventures in WW2 and found myself writing my own memories as well. This how I discovered that I quite enjoyed putting words together, not necessarily about my family or myself. I joined a local “writers’ club” and found writing to a set task an exciting challenge, particularly since English is not my mother tongue.

The Cuckoo Clock

May 12, 2011 My family
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Tweet Grandpère had been injured twice at Verdun, in the last months of WWI. As soon as he was fit again, he was posted with his regiment in Alsace where he then came to the end of his military career. He was looking forward to going back to his native island of Oléron with Grandmère […]

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Bleuette – my mother’s china doll

March 31, 2011 Childhood memories
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Tweet WWII was over and family units were gradually reconstituted, men folk missing or back from the war in an appalling state, women exhausted by the burden of running family and work together in great hardship. Now was the time for my parents to lick their wounds and face a new life. As soon as […]

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Bayeux – Crocodile Tears

February 20, 2011 Other musings
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Tweet We couldn’t visit the Landing Beaches without sparing a day to explore Bayeux and particularly popping in to the Museum to see the Tapestry. Popping in isn’t the right expression as, once we were in, at opening time, there was so much to absorb that we stayed all morning. By 12 o’clock (closing time) […]

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Mistletoe, Album viscum

December 21, 2010 Other musings
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Tweet It is not clear where the word mistletoe comes from. It may be related to German Mist for dung and Tang for branch since the seeds are mostly disseminated through the faeces of birds as they fly from tree to tree. Its Latin name Viscum refers to the stickiness of the berries and album […]

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A dog’s lot

December 16, 2010 Other musings
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Tweet I was born on June 1st 2001, in a farm shed, in Wiltshire, one of nine beautiful puppies. We had our own fenced off front lawn (not mown), and one of my first memories is being shown by my real black Labrador mum how to do our jobs outside, in the tall grass (tall […]

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Fécos or Limoux Carnival

November 30, -0001 Other musings
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Tweet The highlight of the year in the small town of Limoux in the South of France is the carnival season. It is the earliest and longest fête in the French calendar, starting in January and lasting till two weeks before Easter Sunday. Although written records date back to 1604, it is believed to have […]

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