My mother


June 22, 2011 Childhood memories
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Tweet During WWII, it was so difficult to find wool that knitters had to be quite inventive, both in finding a source of it and also in using every scrap available. Mother, with three toddlers, always had a garment on the go. She used to hunt around for old discarded pullovers or cardigans and laboriously […]

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Colorado Beetle

April 7, 2011 Childhood memories
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Tweet I was 6 years old, WWII had ended. My mother, my three younger brothers and I were still living in the school house of a small village in Normandy. My father had just returned from captivity in the concentration camp of Buchenwald, very poorly indeed. For the first few weeks of his traumatic return, […]

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Father’s return

February 2, 2011 French Resistance
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Tweet A car stopped outside the school house where we lived and the man got out slowly and painfully. We’d rushed to the window as we knew Papa was due back today. Maman raised her hands to her face and gasped. She yanked the door open , rushed toward the gate but stopped short. He […]

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The arrest

January 27, 2011 French Resistance
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Tweet July 10th 1944, the Allies were progressing down country slowly, liberating the population from the grip of the German occupation. They were still to reach my parents’ village in this part of Normandy. Times of terror as the oppressed fell victim in the last throes of a losing army, a most dangerous and unpredictable […]

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Come and see my etchings!

December 16, 2010 My family
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Tweet ‘Stop!’ She stopped a couple of steps into the room, her eyes closed in anticipation of the promised surprise. ‘Freeze ! Don’t move!’. His voice was urgent. ‘What could it be?’ she thought. She wanted to open her eyes but she didn’t want to spoil the fun. Jean had prepared her for this for […]

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December 16, 2010 French Resistance
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Tweet 1940 She was standing on the doorstep waiting, her 10 months old daughter perched on her hip, her belly not swelled yet with her second pregnancy. Jean, her husband had been called up into to the “Arme de l’Air”. On her own in the school house, she knew “they” were coming. The past few […]

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