Yellow Flag Iris – Iris Pseudacorus

June 3, 2011 Nature
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Tweet According to legend, the first person to wear the iris as a heraldic device was Clovis, who became king of the Franks in the late 5th century. He drove the Romans out of northern Gaul, converted to Christianity, and changed the three toads on his banner for three yellow irises. Six centuries later, the […]

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Mistletoe, Album viscum

December 21, 2010 Other musings
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Tweet It is not clear where the word mistletoe comes from. It may be related to German Mist for dung and Tang for branch since the seeds are mostly disseminated through the faeces of birds as they fly from tree to tree. Its Latin name Viscum refers to the stickiness of the berries and album […]

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The beginning

December 16, 2010 Painting
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Tweet My schooling in rural France (1945 to 1958) was completely devoid of artistic opportunities. Music lessons consisted of learning the lives of famous composers, textile lessons were all about making and embroidering baby clothes, making house linen and repairing socks and underwear. Art lessons mostly allowed you only to use lead pencils. These sessions […]

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